Succulent breast

No, not that breast.  Nandos breast (chicken), how I can still taste that nice hot sauce in my mouth, the way the chicken was moist. Hmm. This is the kind of food you savour, something you dont want to stop chewing.  Forget the rest, the main star of the show is that chicken. I lick […]

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Malta Picture this A small seemingly defenceless island in the middle of the Mediterranean.An island which saw one ruler after another, one nation after another, one empire after another invade or attempt to invade its shores. A nation that fought hard to keep aggressors away, sometimes succeeding, other times failing. A people that had to […]



Exam, exam, exam. This is the time when everyone is busy revising or trying to go over notes for their exam. Here I am typing, the stress of the exam affects others but, for my first year of university I am actually excited to do this exam. I am sure most of you must be […]

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Veg Out, Junk In.

I don’t usually eat food like this but when I do I sort of go all out. This was a treat for myself when my friends and I went to Malta #GREATFUN. And I am sure you are thinking what a PIG, nope all I had was the ribs and the potato wedges with a […]

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Hi all, sorry for the not so clear picture. This is my first blog post and its about maintaining a healthy and clean body. I drink a lot of green juice or juice every morning before i go about my day. One juice that i love the most is the citrus juice. Drinking citrus helps […]

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