Veg Out, Junk In.

I don’t usually eat food like this but when I do I sort of go all out. This was a treat for myself when my friends and I went to Malta #GREATFUN. And I am sure you are thinking what a PIG, nope all I had was the ribs and the potato wedges with a bit of green. WOW. I can just visualize myself eating it, licking my fingers. Hmm, absolutely mouth-watering. TAKE ME BACK.

I am the sort of person that feels that as soon as i eat something that i have taken out of my diet and eat it, i will put on weight. I try to limit all the junk and unhealthy food that i eat because i have the tendency of putting the weight on quickly. I am not saying that you should not treat yourself once in a while, but just don’t over do it. How did i feel after eating that meal?

First i was just excited to just get the ribs in my mouth, i loved every taste of it, it was  Luscious. We are talking juicy, moist; delicious and delectable; scrumptious or succulent, surely mouthwatering food. I could go on and on but i don’t want you salivating all over your floor.

Love your food the way you love your man. 11326407_468180933362662_1135445532_n


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