Exam, exam, exam. This is the time when everyone is busy revising or trying to go over notes for their exam. Here I am typing, the stress of the exam affects others but, for my first year of university I am actually excited to do this exam. I am sure most of you must be thinking what’s up with this girl? How can someone be excited to do exam? I am. I only started revising a couple of weeks ago and I am just so laid back about it. I have my headphones in listening to whatever and whoever, I am in the zone, in my own little world.

The thing about exam is to be relaxed, not overly relaxed. You need to have time for yourself and do some fun things, it’s not revise, revise, revise. Have fun, go out, drink, karaoke etc. Don’t stress yourself with trying to cram your head with too much unnecessary quibble (CRAP), stuff that are not important.

Many people also have like little rituals that they do to revise. Always use this don’t change it, unless you feel the need to. Do whatever will get you comfortable and in the zone. When your exam comes you should feel good about it and before you know it, it’s OVER.





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