I was an ordinary British girl. I was kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. This is my horrific true story.

Sarah Forsyth has spent her life in fear, being used, broken and abused. At the age of three does who were meant to love, cherish and look after were sexually abusing her. slave girl is unlike anything I have ever read and that is really saying something. To have a first person account of being kidnapped this book clearly makes you visualise and see the seedy city of Amsterdam. At first when i was reading the book, I was saying after you went through being sexually abused by someone who was meant to be your father, then you were free for a short amount of time, then being back to sexually abused by those within the care home who were meant to look after you.

You find this unbelievable job that was too good to be true, but you decided to take it. Am i being to blunt and rude; it took me a while to decide whether to be honest or not.  Or maybe its just me thinking i am black, i am not stupid enough to go to Amsterdam and start working as a child carer, ERM, this is the number one city or country for sex trafficking. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?. Really people, ask yourself that question would you go to Amsterdam to go and babysit. Are you fucking kidding me i cant even sleep in dark without anyone being there. I know we cant compare it but…

she eventually gets to the place and has this horrible feeling, and the voice at the back of her head telling her not to go,, but she decided against it.  she sees the girl who is picking her at the airport all dressed slutty if that’s even a word, but she thought against her better judgement to still go ahead and meet the girl. The time she took to think about this whole thing looks weird, should I or shouldn’t I; she would already have a ticket to go back home.  There was no crèche and no job. Maybe its just me but, I know  I would not risk my life and go. Anyway my mother would not let me go, she is still too  FRESH FROM THE SHIP/BOAT to let me go. LOL.

However, as I carried on reading I saw that she was a survivor against all odds, triumph and tribulation Sarah fought for her life. Sarah was a victim of sex trafficking. She was fed cocaine and cannabis, and was forced at gunpoint to work as a prostitute. She was turned to a frighten young girl and a terrified crack whore.

Sarah Forsyth is a survivour.


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