Desert Flower.

The Extraordinary Journey of a Desert Nomad

published in 1998 about the life of Somali model, Waris Dirie.

Waris was a victim once, she will never be again. Waris talks about her life when she was living in east Africa in the desert nomad. She had a beautiful but short lived childhood, she was one of 12 children. She remembers her early childhood as carefree- racing camels and moving on with her family to the next grazing spot – until it came her turn to meet the old woman who administered the ancient custom imposed on most Somalian girls: circumcision. Waris suffered this torture when she was just five years old. Then, aged 12, when her father attempted to arrange a marriage with a 60 year old stranger in exchange for five camels – she took flight. She fought a battle, she fought for all the young girls who are being mutilated and circumcised at such a young age.

She is know an ambassador for female genital mutilation. She is an inspirational and extraordinary woman. This book gives us an awareness of what is truly happening in another part of the world. We hear about, children going hungry, starvation, no home etc.. I am not comparing these two issues but we as a nation need to be more aware of FGM, we do not know enough before reading this book I had never heard of FGM; knew nothing of it. I don’t believe that is enough information out there for people, the only information we hear about is children going hungry. I would advise anyone who is reading this, to read more about FGM and also read the book.



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