Running my ASS OFF!!!

SO it has begun. The marathon to get the perfect summer body as well as to just be FIT. I am an Endomorph and so i can easily put on weight and takes time for me to lose weight, I am right now trying to get this weight back off and get the flat tummy and thin waist.  I have tried everything possible to try and lose weight from running/jugging, weight, gym, home exercise, dieting anything you name it i have tried and done it all.

Biggest i have ever been
Summer holiday
Summer holiday

These are some of my pictures throughout my exercise regime. I personally hate and dislike being big, that’s just me and I am not here to listen to people talk about being happy with their body that’s you, this is me. I try to maintain my weight especially with what I eat, I Have not exercised in months and so after taking a look at myself in the mirror I need to START. Many people indulge or binge on food I am like that when i am stressed out or emotionally I tend to eat which is BAD; and so this makes me put weight on more than i would like. Right now my tum is like a big circle and i hate having to look at it, i just want to go back to skinny ME,


This Picture was taken early this year and i would love to have this belly back ASAP. So I am doing my Shaun T exercise such as Hip Hop Abs and Insanity and also back on eating healthy food.






I will get back to you when i have reached my absolute best. Won’t disappoint.


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