The Book Thief.


This book really had me in tears, the book thief centre’s around Liesel Meminger, a nine year old girl living in Germany during WWII. Her experience throughout the story is narrated by death, who in the beginning of the book describes both the beauty and destruction of life in this era.

After the death of her brother whist on the train on the way to their new foster parents, death takes her brother away. She arrives distraught at the home of her foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Whilst their Liesel is exposed to the regime of the Nazi’s and so she struggles to find a way to hold on to the memory or innocence of her childhood. The political issues in Germany begins to decline and things are beginning to look worse for the family, as they are now hiding a Jewish man named Max in their home.

  As her bond with her foster father Hans grows, he also begins to teach her how to read. With this Liesel begins to read books that she has stolen whilst the Nazi’s were burning books. She recognises the power of writing and begins to share stories with others, Liesel begins to also write her own stories. Liesel tries to cope with the trauma and violence of the war-torn world around her, she ventures on a journey of self discover, the formation of a new family and a life as a book thief.




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