10 Quick tips about weight.

We all have different weight loss tips or what we believe will help or aid in weight loss, so here are 10 of my own tips. 1.Put away the food scale People talk about portion control and weighing up their food before they eat. Portion control is not about measuring, it’s all about ordering two […]

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21 year old Virgin.

Hi, its me Gretchen So i have lived my 21 years of my life not having sex. Which i am proud of, not saying that those who have already should not be proud but i am happy. I am not going to lie that not having sex is easy but my gosh is it difficult, […]

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Gone, but not forgotten.

I think about the life i have, the people around me and the love that they share with me. I have lost few who i would have been happy to see right now, i have so much love to give and its still within me. I look at life and wonder, what it would be like if those that i loved were still here. I wish everyone can love the way i do.

Why is it that life is so easily taken away, you bare the burden of those you love and dont get the chance to understand them.  I often say to myself that i want my loved ones back, but i know they can’t come back. When i see identical twins i often picture what it would be like to have mine with me. I picture the mischief that we would be up to, i picture us smiling and just being together. It makes me cry when i think like that, even writing this now i feel to cry. I have lost my soulmate. Everytime people ask do you have any siblings, i often say i have a twin i still feel like she is still her, rightnext to me. Losing someone is not easy to forget especially if they had a part of you.

This poem really got to me, it perfectly describes how i feel everytime i think of her.

Constantly thinking,
never to be the same,
the tears fall quickly
just hearing your name.

Silence is golden
yet not anymore
silence brings thoughts
I just can’t ignore.

The nights are sleepless,
dreams out of reach.
Crying in my pillow
to you I beseech.

Surrounded by family,
I still feel alone.
My heart is so empty,
this pain I must own.

I wish I could hug you
and just see your face.
But now I have memories
to stand in your place.

Gone but not forgotten,
that’s what they say.
Of course that is true
but if only you could of stayed.

I wonder what she would have been like, what she would have studied. I know she is looking down at me from up above but i still want her here. I feel an empty hole within me that cannot be filled. I feel a loose that i can not forget. I feel dragged down everyday. I try to show a brave face everyday this facade that i put up. To others i am this crazy, bubbly person who’s laugh is so infectious and can make others smile or laugh. I don’t like showing my true emotions, i know its not good to keep all things like this within you and i pray that i just don’t erupt one day.

I lost a sister, brother and a mother. I never forgot them, they are always with me.

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My list of movies.

I love watching films or movies. I cant choose a top 5 or 10 i love them all, anyone can name a movie i am sure i have watched it. Titanic Avatar Bride and Prejudice Django unchained Pitch black Chronicles of the riddick Riddick Running man Funny face Never been kissed The Beverly hillbillies The […]

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