21 year old Virgin.

Hi, its me Gretchen

So i have lived my 21 years of my life not having sex. Which i am proud of, not saying that those who have already should not be proud but i am happy. I am not going to lie that not having sex is easy but my gosh is it difficult, i have days when i am just so horny any book that has some sort of sex bit in it gets me crazy. Imagine when the fifty shades trilogy came out i was like God what have i gotten myself into like any part in the book that mentions sex gets me all hot and bothered i mean really, i can just imagine myself replacing Anastasia. I am sure many lf you might be thinking do i pleasure myself i tried and i failed and so never tried again. Just to let you know i am not in a rush to have sex and i am waiting for the right person and time and some might be thinking “oh that kind of girl, waiting for the right man. No sex before marriage, thats just me, you don’t have to like it but thats how i want to live my life. I will gladly sit amongst my friends and listen to them talking about their sex life and i would just openly say i am a virgin dont have any idea about anything regarding sex.

BTW i dont have a BOF battery operated friend. I do not know what all these crazy talk abou sex is, literally i do not. Am i sexually frustrated i believe i am, so you might be thinking why not go have sex. I just wont, one i dont have a boyfriend even if i did i will let them know straight i am not that kind of girl, not judging anyone and also i am a christian; i am not saying that my religion is stoping me because i know many who call themselves Christians and have already had sex. Its just that i feel that if i was to break this promise i have made myself i know that God is watching everything i can hide or go to a dark corner and decide to have sex, not that i have thought of going to a dark corner to have sex LOL.

Well, its just that everyone has different morals or just different ideas about how to live their lives; who am i to judge others i am not God whatever they do is there own prerogative. I have on a few occasions thought about having sex but i am the sort of person who over thinks things like, the condom could split, i could become pregnant, would regret it later or gave it up to the wrong person the list could go on. I am pretty sure people dont just rush to have sex, i am sure that they know that the person they are about to sleep with is the right person.

Why is it that know a days people are ashamed to say that they are a virging they would rather just lie to just fit in, i do not care about fitting in i am my own person, i am not there to impress anyone unless its work or some hot guy that i see. Its as though the word virgin is a taboo, why. I think that the reason why i wrote this blog was that the film the 40 year old virgin popped up in my head and i thought that would be a nice blog post, but i do hope i am not 40 before i have sex i need to have popped out like three children before the age of 40. Two out of three needs to be twins.

I remember that there was a day that i was so frustrated that i went on amazon to buy a BOF, i was stuck not know whether to buy it or not i was having a little battle with myself actually a war, i could not decide whether i wanted it or not. Although i was fighting my inner demon on whether to buy it or not i was also looking at butt plugs, something balls cant even remember it was like a whole section full of sex toys, that most be heaven for those who are into all this BDSM shit. I was so fascinated by all of them of course i was not planning on buyinv them but my gosh so many, it was like a whole new world. That sentence just reminded me of Aladdin the song. As i was sayingi was going througb everything i finally made a decision we are going to buy it, but after clicking buy i changed my mind and cancelled it because i know for a fact i would regret it and what if i was left disappointed its not like i could return it back. LOL i really do crack myself up with my stupidity.

So here i am, a 21 year old virgin who is contended with a sexless life and enjoying everything else about life without wanting to have sex. I enjoy being an independent person, i dont like to follow the crowd or have the next new thing because everyone else has it. If i do eventually have sex you guys will be the very first to know actually my Bestfriend, no actually God, Bestfriend and then tou guys thats if you want to know. I am npt afraid to put it out there, here i am writting a post about being a virgin i dont think you can write anything like this and be afraid to talk about how sex was like the first time.

I would love to see peoples views and comments on this post anything you want tobsay feel free to post a comment i am happy to hear any criticism, complaints etc. Hope you loved reading thia blog.

Well thank you and goodnight.
Lots of 💘 fro. Gretchen.


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