Why We Love Book (And You Should, Too!)

Books, Books are the most trusted friends that you can ever have. Why because they never leave you. Many people don’t like the idea of reading but i feel that it takes me to this imaginary world, it makes me feel things that i may never get to experience, there are different types of books; books that allow you to fight dragon, fall in love with your prince charming, books allow me to escape into another world. Books are like doorways to another world, a world full of hero’s, you get to be the princess and fall in love with your prince you get to fight and be a bad ass. I sometimes wish i could time travel, with books i basically am, they take me to the past or the future. I get to imagine myself dressed up as a woman in the 60’s or the roaring twenties. you know the saying ‘the world is your oyster’ well with books they take you to places no passport can take you to.

Book’s allow you to escape, to cry, to love, to sigh and to totally fan-girl. For example if you see my bestie aka brown cinnamon readings its only because she is a fan-girl and she is into that whole twilight fan fiction thing which i am not, i like my regular books. That’s why i advice people to also have kindle i like hardcovers better than reading on some sort of technology but when you share a room with my younger annoying sis you cant read with the light on, so i use the kindle when its late. I absolutely love reading dont like horror but another kind or type of book i will read. It’s never hard for me to find a book to read. I think i have over 200 books on my kindle app and not sure how many books i have at home its basically a library in my room.

Thank you and try to read more books, it’s good for you just like eatinng veg is also good for you.

Lot of love Gretchen. xox



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