10 Quick tips about weight.

We all have different weight loss tips or what we believe will help or aid in weight loss, so here are 10 of my own tips.

1.Put away the food scale

People talk about portion control and weighing up their food before they eat. Portion control is not about measuring, it’s all about ordering two appetisers instead of an entree and cutting back on bread if you are eating pasta.

2. Stash fruits

Keep fruits everywhere you know you go on a daily basis. When you go to work make sure you have a bowl of fruit on your desk. Especially when you are craving for chocolate swap it for a fruit.

3.  Have limits

I have a special box or food container that i use and put all my food in. it is almost impossible to overeat especially if its such a small box if its overfilling or overflowing that’s just you being a PIG. SERIOUSLY.

4. Take a before photo

I think that this really helps you to want to lose eight especially if you can see what you look like before, during and after your transformation. I feel that when you are about to fall off the wagon you have the picture to motivate you; this might not be the case for everyone but it does it for me.

5. Try to avoid drinks with calories

Drinks you buy in shops will likely contain a lot of calories inside, high in sugar and all that. Lemonade. orange juice, just basically all juice you can buy outside, do not listen to that garbage about it being 100% natural fruits or that. It’s safer to make your own at home.

6. Wear something tight

This can help motivate you to move on with your exercise because if you can see yourself not looking exactly as you would like in your outfit, it’s basically saying it’s time to lose some weight. This may not be for everyone but if i feel that an outfit be it a top or jeans is too tight i wont wear it until i know it looks good on me.

7. Use pitchers

Fill them up with water, you can put lemonade, cucumber or whatever floats your boat, into the pitcher. It’s also perfect for taking pictures that you can post on Instagram.

8. Leftovers

I tend to make a big pot of food so that i can put some away and it tends to be enough for a week and so i have some sort of a food plan going on.

8. Try to have set times to eat.

I believe it helps to have specific time for eating, i think it helps. I used to think that skipping breakfast was aiding it my weight loss but no, it was actually making it worse because later that afternoon i would eat a lot more because i missed breakfast.

9. Drink green tea & ginger

There have been many debates on whether green tea really does aid in weight loss. It makes me miserable if i just drink it without eating, and i drink it three times a day.

10. Have a ROUTINE

This is vital, it really should have been at the top of my list. If you don’t stick to a routine, you won’t see results, and because of that you will be discouraged to carry on.

11. Just drink water

I know i said 10, but i almost forgot water. Staying hydrated is good, and it’s an important aspect in weight loss. Drinking water regularly helps curb any appetite, don’t attempt to buy flavoured water this does nothing for you, as its packed with flavour; what you need is fresh water 8 ounces to be exact, which is like 2 litres.

Thank you and hope this helps. This is what i do and a lot of these are from research from when i first started my journey into being healthy.

Lots of love from Gretchen.






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