So, this week I have decided to go on juice FAST. I know many nutritionist have said that’s it’s not ideal, but I have always liked to juice I feel like it’s my lazy and quickest way to lose weight when I cannot be bothered to do anything else. I am more of a green juice dieter, I don’t really like trying other types of juice. I remember when I first started to juice I was not well equipped, like I thought I could just use a normal blender and that was just wrong. So, I obviously had to get a smoothie blender. Smoothies and juices like this makes you fuller for longer, drinking smoothies keeps you from indulging in carbohydrates or going to a fast food restaurant.


For those of you like myself who enjoy plan old boring green juice. I have three main super green juice that I will be trying out this week but have tries before. Like it so going to try it for the trillionth time. The first one is the glowing green smoothie. This smoothie is rich in immune-boosting nutrients, all these greens cleanses all the toxins in the body and it helps boost energy.


What you need.


1 cup (250ml) water


I head romaine lettuce


½ large bunch of spinach


3 stalks of celery


1 apple


1 banana


½ lemon





One thing I always try to add in my diet is AVOCADO. Pronounced AVO-CADO. For people like myself who say it with an A. avocado on my bagel, with my bulgur wheat it’s amazing. Love the creamy, smoothness it has in the smoothie.  I have added pineapple to this smoothie which I don’t like but it was quite good, so try out for yourself also.  This is called the Pineavo smoothie.


What you need.


1 ripe avocado


1 ½ cup (200g) pineapple


1 ½ (350ml) orange juice


1 banana


1 cup ice


(Can add vanilla extract to taste)


 Finally, my all-time favourite the cleansing juice. This is one I can easily just wipe up at home because I usually have the ingredients that I need. This literally detoxifies your body. So I would advise you to stay at home when you do drink it, maybe it’s just me.


330 coconut water


1 bunch spinach


1 tbsp. lemon juice


1 short cucumber


A couple of lettuce


4 celery stick


1 floret of broccoli


Ginger I usually use a knob


I always put chia seed in my smoothies, so if you want, you can try. If you would like the nutritional information, just leave a comment.


 Hope you all like this.







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