Red and Orange and..

Meal prepping this week was fun. I really enjoyed it. 

Meal prep can be boring because you do a lot of repetitive food, and so the food does not really entice you because you ate that same food yesterday. Me, I can eat it for a whole week without complaining, the test of the food gets me and I feel that each bowl of salad taste different, they all have one main ingredient but I some how change it up to liven up the meal.

This weeks meal was a mackerel salad with a side of strawberry and mango with a bit of lemon, which just made the fruit salad taste soon much better. 

Really like the bowl that I use. Love the way the color of the strawberry and mango is vibrant. You can’t see the fish in my salad as I forgot to put the fish in, the full salad pick is at the bottom. 

I decided to add the sweet corn because I really like it especially green giant sweetcorn. The meal was absolutely delicious. 
PS: not sure how many times I said absolutely but sorry. Have a nice weekend and bank holiday to does who have it.


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