Beans, beans and BEANS.

So I am always going on about meal prep and planning. So this week I thought to myself every time I prep I never make enough food and I basically eat two of what I have made for the week and by the end of the week I don’t have enough to see me through. […]

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Not burnt but golden. 

My cheat days, usually Sunday because we are all home and its a day for me to bake and cook and be unfaithful. Mac ‘n’ cheese Sunday.  Didn’t really like the way this came out on the inside, I think the rue I made was a little lumpy so I guess the cheese also became […]

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Stir Crazy

So, I wrote a blog about my first time making stir fry, well. Ops I did it again!!. Made it again and it was damn good. I added prawns to it this time and more mushroom, starting to love that a lot now. Trying to eat as healthy as possible and to also have good […]

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Oh my, I made stir fry!!

So, I was thinking of a way to liven up my lunch this week and also in cooperate it within the family meal. I love to cook anv because I just ant easy and healthy I made stir fry. First time ever, by the way it tastes real good. Don’t mind if I say so […]

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