Beans, beans and BEANS.

So I am always going on about meal prep and planning. So this week I thought to myself every time I prep I never make enough food and I basically eat two of what I have made for the week and by the end of the week I don’t have enough to see me through. So this time being smart I made something for both lunch and dinner at least then I will be fine and wont be starving  myself RIGHT.

SO this week I made bean soup, sounds horrid but its actually quite nice, real nice actually. i don’t necessarily like eating beans but  I don’t mind it as a soup. So the prepping for this beans is not long but the cooking is irritatingly long, as it needs to be extremely soft so that you can later blend it to make the soup.

I actually don’t measure at all unless I am baking; so this is going to have to be a guestimate for you guys.


Black eyed beans



blended plum tomato

and season to you liking

so you need to put a cup of beans into a bowl of cold water so that the skin can come out as you need the beans to be all white and clear . After you see that all the skin has come off scrub the beans with you hands to get all the access skin off, then rinse as many times as possible until you only see WHITE.  Than you get a pot don’t know why i used a wok but get a pot and put water and the beans and leave it to go soft it took mine like 1hour 30 going on 2hours; but the wait was worth it. After it gets soft just pour everything into a blender and blend the mixture until its soft and not lumpy.

After blending, put bake in pot and put the whole tin of blended tomato add a cup of water or however many you want as you know soup gets thick and so it will shrink. Season and then leave on cooker for 30minutes and its ready to eat, you can add shrimps and prawns into it. I added egg to mine. so good luck to those at home with all the extra long and stink farts that they will hear and SMELL. Cant wait.


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