It’s only lunch and dinner. 

Weekly meal prep, this week we have for lunch chicken breasts, sweet potato fries with some sweet big pepper and dinner is cod couldn’t find Haddock. Cod or Salmon, Bulgar wheat and broccoli and for my side snack we have nectarine with strawberries.  I spent just lesaw than £20 on the ingredients for this week’s […]

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It’s green for the weekend.

So my weekends are all about cleansing the body, basically fasting but drinking green juice. I have two main juices that I drink from Saturday to Sunday and they are both delicious. The supergreen and the clean green. Fresh green juice wins health points over packaged fruit juice and smoothies on several counts. Green juice is […]

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Salmon is my favourite fish this new month of June. Also, loving the colour pink which is unlike me, Salmon is an excellent source of high-qualityprotein, vitamin and minerals which includes potassium, selenium  and vitamin B12. It is the omegas fatty acids that really makes it what it is.  So another week another meal prep. […]

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Wag your mama

WHY OH WHY OH WHY.So this was my first time at eating at wagamama. Well my thoughts on there foodd if I had to rate out of 10, I would give it a 6. The ebi katsu was really delicity’s I wish I choose that instead of the chicken ramen. The ebi katsu was basically […]

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Salmon, why so pink.

I hated the idea that, there is a fish that’s pink. I had one bad experience with Salmon and never ate it for like 15 years.  So, there was a day I was just wandering about the house in a state of gosh I am hungry, need something in my belly. So I saw Salmon […]

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Carbs all the way. 

So I have been prepping my meal for the past month, although I have done it before I just kept doing it on and off; but I hope to be able to carry on this year along with going to the gym.  So this week I wanted to try something new so i made quinoa. […]

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