Carbs all the way. 

So I have been prepping my meal for the past month, although I have done it before I just kept doing it on and off; but I hope to be able to carry on this year along with going to the gym. 

So this week I wanted to try something new so i made quinoa. At first I looked at it and thought eww it looks like a smaller version of tapioca or frog spawn. I tasted alright I guess, so we will see. I made quinoa with pasta and rotisserie chicken, with yoghurt and honey and the side. This will be for my lunch as it’s sort of heavy and definitely filling. 

For dinner I went for something light and crunch,  never really tried it but it tasted good. Dinner is basically granny Smith apple with wild rocket with a dash of lemon. The granny Smith apple was diced into small crunchy bits, throw a handful of red onion and a bits and pieces of what’s left of my rotisserie chicken. 

I enjoy doing this meal prep. It’s very invigorating and it’s just nice to be able to sort your self out for the week and not worry everyday about what to make. No need for takeout, when you are preared. 


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