Salmon, why so pink.

I hated the idea that, there is a fish that’s pink. I had one bad experience with Salmon and never ate it for like 15 years. 

So, there was a day I was just wandering about the house in a state of gosh I am hungry, need something in my belly. So I saw Salmon in the fridge just eyeing me, looking at me and taunting me; there was absolutely nothing to eat and I was definitely not going to get a take out, keen on carrying on with this healthy lifestyle, I know a take out won’t kill you but it feels like the end of the world for me as I have a tendency to put weight on so I feel that when I eat junk tomorrow that weight is going to be there. It’s NOT, but that’s just me. 

So, I just decided to eat the salmon it was OMG delicious, flakey, tasty just so damn good. I put it in aluminium foil with a bit of salt and a lot of black pepper, and a couple slices of lemon. I was expecting the worst so I just made one slice, I had it with home made sweet potatoe chips with a side of salad. So after it had finished i tasted it and loved it. So after eating that one slice I made another one, and for the whole week what did I eat? SALMON


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