Salmon is my favourite fish this new month of June. Also, loving the colour pink which is unlike me, Salmon is an excellent source of high-qualityprotein, vitamin and minerals which includes potassium, selenium  and vitamin B12. It is the omegas fatty acids that really makes it what it is. 

So another week another meal prep. This week is Salmon with rice and vegetables. I was not really a fish person I would just eat mainly mackerel and tuna steak which were really nice; except that I felt that the tuna, I think no matter how you season it i don’t think it has any taste. Anyways, I bought a whole Salmon with out the head so I had to slice it myself, hated it. After cleaning and cutting into like 3cm thick slices; I just seasoned it with black pepper and salt had to use table salt which I don’t like, I rather prefer sea salt better taste. 

I decided to first fry it and then put it in the oven to just make it a little golden with a glaze of honey. Whilst I was preparing that I was also dealing with the rice I had to substitute my quinoa or Bulgar wheat for basmati rice which I am not a big fan of, but because I had not been shopping I just used what I had available. I boiled the rice seasoned it with black pepper, salt, thyme and some other spices and it tasted alright, not going to throw it am I?. Waste not.

I feel that prepping for the week makes life a lot easier for me from going to work then gym, then home then back to work and gym again there’s no time to cook. So, this is the best alternative for me which I like. My little desert is fuit salad a mix of strawberry and melon, lemon juice love the taste together.

Here are a few pictures:

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