It’s green for the weekend.

So my weekends are all about cleansing the body, basically fasting but drinking green juice. I have two main juices that I drink from Saturday to Sunday and they are both delicious.

The supergreen and the clean green. Fresh green juice wins health points over packaged fruit juice and smoothies on several counts. Green juice is also surprisingly filling. I drank it first in the morning and found it that it was actyally really filling i basically had to force myself to drink the rest. 

When you drink freshmade green juice, it’s basically like receiving an intravenous infusion of all these vitamins, minerals and enzymes all because they go straight Into your system.

Drinking the juice first thing in the morning gives you a narural energy boost without drinking coffee or drinks with high amount of caffeine. Drinking green juice also aids in weight loss.

This amount is made for each day I used my breville twice and it contains 500 ml so the second time I blended I only did 250ml. So I drank it three times a day like breakfast,  lunch and dinner. Not going to lie at a point I got pekish so I just ate some fruit. I also used coconut water for both, you can use whatever’ best for you.

clean green juice
4 kiwi, 

2 avocado 

2 apple

super green juice

2 apple 

mint to your hearts content.

4-5 celery sticks

2 lime

Drink and enjoy. 


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