Gym in sickness and health.

I try to go to the gym 5 times a week but sometimes it may end up being just 4days which I still think is good. Last year was what changed me as a person I wanted to be different, I remember when I used to obsess over celebritits and how good they looked and I wanted to be like that. I was at my heaviest early last year and it was not good, anyone could literally see the fat on me and it just made me feel so unattractive and just BIG.  

I remember the times when my mother used to say I was fat but I never believed her I was in so much denial. I did not want to believe that I was fathinking and would look at myself and just stare. Is this really me, is this what i want to be?.

The term fat isn’t nice but that is exactly what I was, I did not feel comfortable in my body and in what I wore I felt miserable. Then I told myself its not about looking like these celebrity, it’s about achieving the best for yourself, it’s not about pleasing anyone but yourself; you are the one that looks at your self every minute and seconds of day. (P.S not being vain😅).But as a person you should feel good in your own skin, I know there will be some people who are comfortable with being the way that they are buthe i think I owe’d it to myself to see if i can acieve that goal. 

Last year I started off at 12st going onto 13st. I went down to 9st, I was happy and proud of myself. At first it was so hard to find which exercise worked I don’t know if you guys have heard of shaun T, but his workouts are amazing, I tried all his workout but the one that worked and achieved maximum weight loss was the 60day challenge. Within two weeks I felt different as we as being able to see a change in my body, I also followed the meal plan which was also good. At times, it all just got too much and I could not do it but forced myself to carry on. 

Before starting the whole gym phase again I weighed myself I kneww i had lost weight because my heaviest last 2 months was 12st, I had then began to the my meal prep again with no exercise, I went down to 11st 13. The whole weighing machine gave my my height, and BMI,  I was not happy with my body fat it was past what it should be for my height and my weight. The hard work BEGINS HERE.
Towards the beginning of this year I started to put the weight back, not good. So I signed up to the gym with a nudge from my gym partners and out of both of themy I have been the most dedicatedifficult, I take different classes and work my butt off. LITERALLY 

Losing weight or maintaining it, is not easy that is why with dedication and perseverance you can and will achieve your goals. 


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