It’s only lunch and dinner. 

Weekly meal prep, this week we have for lunch chicken breasts, sweet potato fries with some sweet big pepper and dinner is cod couldn’t find Haddock. Cod or Salmon, Bulgar wheat and broccoli and for my side snack we have nectarine with strawberries. 

I spent just lesaw than £20 on the ingredients for this week’s meal, don’t know if that’s good but I did get some bargains. I don’t really like frozen fish but hey had to do what I could at such short notice as I had work that same day, so frozen fish it was. 2 for £5 fish from asda and the rest of the ingredients were no more than £1 which was really good for me as I need to save.

The cooking took me about 2 hours which wasn’t to bad as I had to leave the house for 1:30 the only thing that I was fighting with was my sweet potatoe it just wasn’t cooking as well as it should be so that was basically in the oven until it was edible but cremated. 

Like I think that’s one thing I can’t cook right, I think I need to be taught how to make it. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know cause one thing I hate about cooking is getting things wrong get when I am cooking. It’s nothing to do with being a perfectionist, maybe it is but it irrates me.


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