6 small meals. 

This week’s meal prep has beef in it, I have never eaten beef when it comes to meal prepping. It’s always chicken 100% of the time and then maybe 60% fish. This will be my first time eating beef in almost 6 months, it’s not that I am aversed to beef but I think I just find it cheaper to buy chicken or fish. I paid £4.57 for basically a quater of my arm, was it worth it?, i don’t know. 

So this weeks meal.

For lunch I will be having beef stir fry not going to add the vegetables just yet because I feel that when I put the food in the fridge and want to warm it up, it’s just soggy veg. So I will only obviously cook the beef the noodles and the bean sprouts. I am actually excited to try this beef stir fry,I marinated the  ref for two days with soy, ginger and a lot of black pepper in my case.

 I eat three small meals a day plus 2 snacks, some people may think how small and am I starving myself definitely not, it’s just that I get full easily and if I over eat I feel sick. And, in order to lose weight you need to reduce the amount of food that you eat and increase vegetables and other things. 

On top of the meal plan I go to the gym also, I used to think that when you go to gym, you would need protein whey I was very sceptical and kept putting off buying it and before I up and try anything I like to do extensive research. A friend of mine who is starting a business told me that protein whey is a product of dairy, difficult to absorb to the body and also high in allergen. Not saying that all should stop drinking it but personally for me I won’t be drinking it. She explained to me about using healthy plant based proteins such as: pea, rice and cranberry. 

So we have spoken about lunch, it’s time for snack and dinner.

With snack I have 2tablespoon of yoghurt with a handful of strawberry, and then maybe later if feeling peckish hummus with Cucumber slices. For dinner I will be having cod or Salmon with big pepper and Bulgar wheat with a handful of pomegranate seed. 

My time for eating.

Don’t really eat breakfast as I am out the house before 6:30 never enough time, but if hungry I eat two slice of brown toast with honey for sweetness.

Breakfast – 10:30

Snack- 12:00-12:30 

Lunch- 15:00


Gym- 18:00-20:00

Dinner- 21:00

And if still feeling peckish eats some NUTS. 


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