How blogging has helped me with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Blogging was never a passion of mine but it was all just really a new years resolution because of my weight loss and my passion for simple food (sometimes simple) so decided why not. I love healthy food and everything health related, since i began this blogging journeyou my confidence has increased I feel better and happy with myself. It also gave me the opportunity to do more research on food; I know for a fact that I irritate certain people when it comes to me talking about why they should or shouldn’t eat something. But I like new facts.

It also pushes me to carry on with my meal prep, because I know post every Monday.  It allows me to plan before-hand and know what I will be posting about. It’s all about preparation and organisation, I was never this organised. 

Through the use of blogging I have been inspired by other bloggers especially vanny and lexi, at the very beginning of my journey they were the very first two bloggers that i added and read their blog, their blogs pushed me to achieve better with fitness and health. Vanny’s blog takes you through the steps she took whilst trying to live a healthy lifestyle; Lexi’s was also about health and fitness but she also gave tips to others on what they could do. Their motivation, motivated me. 

Here I am today able to confidently post pictures of my before and after, I am not looking to be skinny but to maintain a good weight and just be healthy in general. If other bloggers were able to help me with their supportive comments I felt like I could do the same. There are a lot of blogs on health and fitness but everyone has something that attracts them to these blogs. I also want to try and start incorporating my fitness training into my blog post so that people can see what I do and also try it out, and if they have a particular exercise rotine they would like me to try i would be more then willing.

I enjoy trying new exercise routines and I can’t stay with the same exercise routine for too long or I feel that the training is not affective. (Sorry going off topic) but what I am coming at is that blogging has been a new experience for me and I am enjoying it i can’t wait to see what the future holds for this blog but I do hope I have motivated others with my food,fitness and exercise. And my sometimes random blogs.



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