Like you guys know I love the whole idea of trying new things out and so when it comes to exercise I like to change it up. So I haven’t been to the gym for a while and haven’t put weight on, only because of what I am eating and obviously working with kids;they make me do enough exercise. Carrying on, I decided that I would try this HIIT thing that everyone was talking about, not gonna lie I don’t know what the other I means high intensity training. 

So I thought, hmm it’s summer holiday let’s try this training out and knowing me I never buy any exercise DVD because I feel it will disappointe me. So I borrowed and copied was a little bit skeptical about whether it would work or not. 

So the training had different levels and each level represents like stages beginner, intermediate and expert. Each level gives you a chance to practice and work your way round each exercise and get better at it. You do three rounds each and each exercise if 30 seconds so you would feel this is easy I should be able to do a whole 30 second without complaining. NO,I was bloody tired  of lie, I felt like giving up but I was like come on this is the first two level only for 15 minutes; but when you finish the exercise it does not feel like it, it goes by really quickly. 

Every, morning at 9 I am up and ready for a warm up with Joe and then we beginning our training. There are seven levels and each level starting from 2 you can decide how long you keep doing it even Joe said if it’s a week then push through. It took only 2 days and I moved on your level 2 I have been on level 2 for about 3 days because I feel that I am not fully there yet but each day I keep doing it i feel stronger and better at it.

I feel different and also can see a difference in my body which makes me happy the whole point of this exercise is to lose more weight, body fat and to tone up. I hope that by the end of this month I achieve my next goal.

I liked that Joe was literally in front of me  not me just looking through the laptop (literally) My own gorgeous personal trainer. There are time when he tells you to keep smiling I can’t help but smile but it’s like ok I will smile but can this be over. He makes you push yourself and make you believe that you can and will push through.


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