Health and fitness.

We need to be able to differentiate between health and fitness. Health is about how you are doing as a whole it’s about your wellbeing how you take care of yourself mentally, physically and socially. Physically is about your body, illness, how it functions. We then have fitness that is a decision that you have made to follow, to have a regime in which you have decided to lose or maintain weight.  Fitness does aid in the physical sense that it helps with a lot of things within the body, staying young, being healthy and looking healthy.

I know I go on about being healthy and all that jazz, myself and maybe others never really think about ourselves in the sense of all the psychological impact that it may have on us. A person could ask me how i am doing and I could just say fine but in all case it’s not true a person can’t be fine because there is always a deeper meaning to that word fine. 

We could just be harbouring those feelings because we do not want to disturb others with how we really are doing. So when it comes to fitness, a person may look happy on the outside but on the inside they might be going through an emotional turmoil.

 After listening to my lecture today I just thought that people who display their fitness journey through social media must have it hard at times. The person might have or might have had an eating disorder and may be using it as a platform to help others but inside they are finding it difficult, the issue on how the picture looks to what would people say about how I look.

My main point is that It takes guts and confidence for a person to choose to show their picture on social media, but then we have people who wants to beat us down and use hurtful words to try and just aggrevate us. 

What is it that you are trying to promote is it that you are doing it to get more followers or are you trying to motivate others and show them that anyone can achieve their goals. 


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