Salmon, why so pink.

I hated the idea that, there is a fish that’s pink. I had one bad experience with Salmon and never ate it for like 15 years.  So, there was a day I was just wandering about the house in a state of gosh I am hungry, need something in my belly. So I saw Salmon […]

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Carbs all the way. 

So I have been prepping my meal for the past month, although I have done it before I just kept doing it on and off; but I hope to be able to carry on this year along with going to the gym.  So this week I wanted to try something new so i made quinoa. […]

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Red and Orange and..

Meal prepping this week was fun. I really enjoyed it.  Meal prep can be boring because you do a lot of repetitive food, and so the food does not really entice you because you ate that same food yesterday. Me, I can eat it for a whole week without complaining, the test of the food […]

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Fitness millennium

So last week I decided to go back to meal planning and prepping, and back to the gym. I have been working so hard for the past couple of days and I feel its been working. My body feels good, I feel happy with what I am seeing. Back at the gym and loving it. […]

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10 Quick tips about weight.

We all have different weight loss tips or what we believe will help or aid in weight loss, so here are 10 of my own tips. 1.Put away the food scale People talk about portion control and weighing up their food before they eat. Portion control is not about measuring, it’s all about ordering two […]

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