Green, green grass.

Not sure why I called the blog that but it’s the name that popped into my head at the time. I am basically going to by drinking everything that’s green so it goes  This week I will be detoxifying my body and getting rid of all bad toxins. I usually do this during the weekend […]

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Like you guys know I love the whole idea of trying new things out and so when it comes to exercise I like to change it up. So I haven’t been to the gym for a while and haven’t put weight on, only because of what I am eating and obviously working with kids;they make […]

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Tarragon chicken salad

1 little gem lettuce  Watercress  Chicken breast Juice of 1 lemon  4tbsp olive oil  2tbsp chopped tarragon Salt and black pepper  J      Or simply just use chicken breast. I have never tried tarragon before and thought that I should try something new. First, wash, dry and shred the lettuce. Mix together with watercress […]

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It’s only lunch and dinner. 

Weekly meal prep, this week we have for lunch chicken breasts, sweet potato fries with some sweet big pepper and dinner is cod couldn’t find Haddock. Cod or Salmon, Bulgar wheat and broccoli and for my side snack we have nectarine with strawberries.  I spent just lesaw than £20 on the ingredients for this week’s […]

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