It’s green for the weekend.

So my weekends are all about cleansing the body, basically fasting but drinking green juice. I have two main juices that I drink from Saturday to Sunday and they are both delicious. The supergreen and the clean green. Fresh green juice wins health points over packaged fruit juice and smoothies on several counts. Green juice is […]

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Salmon is my favourite fish this new month of June. Also, loving the colour pink which is unlike me, Salmon is an excellent source of high-qualityprotein, vitamin and minerals which includes potassium, selenium  and vitamin B12. It is the omegas fatty acids that really makes it what it is.  So another week another meal prep. […]

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Wag your mama

WHY OH WHY OH WHY.So this was my first time at eating at wagamama. Well my thoughts on there foodd if I had to rate out of 10, I would give it a 6. The ebi katsu was really delicity’s I wish I choose that instead of the chicken ramen. The ebi katsu was basically […]

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Although brownies may not be healthy. I hardly ever make it and I just felt like having something sweet and fudgey which it was. I cut it inot very small squares I will be having one a day with my meal plan.  Ingredients  Dark and milk chocolate 200 grams Plain flour 4 tablespoon Castor sugar […]

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Beans, beans and BEANS.

So I am always going on about meal prep and planning. So this week I thought to myself every time I prep I never make enough food and I basically eat two of what I have made for the week and by the end of the week I don’t have enough to see me through. […]

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Not burnt but golden. 

My cheat days, usually Sunday because we are all home and its a day for me to bake and cook and be unfaithful. Mac ‘n’ cheese Sunday.  Didn’t really like the way this came out on the inside, I think the rue I made was a little lumpy so I guess the cheese also became […]

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