Immunity booster 

As most of my readers know I like to try new things out when it comes to health. I will try anything that looks or I believe may work for me, like I always put chilli, ginger and garlic in everything that I eat because they have good health benefits.  So this week on instagram […]

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Green, green grass.

Not sure why I called the blog that but it’s the name that popped into my head at the time. I am basically going to by drinking everything that’s green so it goes  This week I will be detoxifying my body and getting rid of all bad toxins. I usually do this during the weekend […]

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Like you guys know I love the whole idea of trying new things out and so when it comes to exercise I like to change it up. So I haven’t been to the gym for a while and haven’t put weight on, only because of what I am eating and obviously working with kids;they make […]

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Simple Homemade hummus

200g/7oz canned chickpeas 2 tbsp lemon juice or more pinch salt 1 tbsp tahini (sesame seed paste) 4 tbsp water 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Method Drain the chickpeas and rinse. Combine the chickpeas, lemon juice, cumin, salt, tahini, and water in a food processor, and blend to a creamy purée. Add more lemon […]

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